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Hello. We’re Your PersonalSecurity Shop, A Security Shop Setup To Provide You With Your Security Weaponry & Training Too!!.

Buy quality guns with best quality and for the best price. We keep our prices affordable for most of our editor’s picks.

We subsidize our Glock weapons for the everyday user and we also provide a weapons assistants to help you understand how to use your weapons at any time.

Buy fairly used weapons and get them with no registration papers, You deserve your right to privacy. Order these phones to get more security on your online purchases.

Super-fast Customer service and Early shipping for all your orders. We ship in the US in 4 days max and we ship worldwide within 3 business weeks.

We Prioritize Your Security


Registered & Unregistered Users

It takes a lot to be one of the Go-to business for buying ammunition and safety weapons. Read more below why users keep coming back over and over again.


Our prices are really friendly to our users and they can purchase fairly used weapons for even cheaper prices without any worries


Our business now works fully online with Contactless deliveries. With the arrival of the COVID-19, we have decided to move to the net and keep our lines active for all our regular customers coming in for Amo, and newcomers.


We understand there are some errors and faults that we could encounter during transportation of your order, and so we keep up our moneyback refund percentage of upto 90% refund.


Our support teams keeps our customers leaving with high review ratings of their satisfactions. We help and reply to all support tickets requested by our customers and newcomers alike.

Oh, & We Sell Hostlers Too!

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