First Class Protection Gears

Because We Value Protection With The High Crime Rates Storming Out Worldwide, We Supply Only the Finest Ammunition Available for Your Security.

We give you the fire power to for defense, Hunting and much more, to cover your occasional usage of your firearms. Your security at your finger tips.

Mr. Julian BrandtExperienced Arms Trader

Exclusive Offers

Best prices and endless choices

Quality Rifles

Hunting Rifles both new

and fairly used available.

Custom Armors

Order armor by your

personal preferrences.

Vintage Weapons

Add to Your Collection Our Carefully handpicked Vintage

The Best Security Gadgets For The Best Price

Most of our vintage weaponry are usually ordered from special requests. You can make that by contacting us with any of the methods we provide. Check the store to see if you’re lucky to find them still in stock, Hurry!!

We keep our customers in mind. We sell Weapons for emergencies and first hand security uses. Our catalog is aimed at providing the personal favourites for every consumer.

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Fast Delivery Time

With our use multiple freight methods You Get the Most Reliable Delivery Services based on Your Location on the globe with location tracking trusted Couriers.

Diverse Choice Range

We sell all kinds of protection weapons. You can also buy prop weapons from us for any of your movies. Keep all your security needs alive with just one supplier and that’s Premium Security Store

Great Support

We offer online support upto 5 years after your purchase. Just make sure you remember your model number of your weapon before contacting us for any concerns, it’ll save us time analysing.


We ensure only the best quality weapons from reputable manufacturers like Glock and the Sig Sauer Arms Dealers. We also use Pawn Shops to ensure the authenticity of retailed Weapons.

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